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PhotoGuard Flash Drive
PhotoGuard - iPhone, iPad  &  Android Micro USB Data Transfer Drive

PhotoGuard - iPhone, iPad & Android Micro USB Data Transfer Drive

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The PhotoGuard will scan every inch of your phone, and save all of your Photos, Videos, Music & Contacts
Save precious memories and free up space in seconds.

The majority of us today rely on our Smartphones and devices to capture all our memories rather than a traditional camera.

Did you know that as many as one out of three Smartphone users lose ALL their photos, videos and data due to breakdowns, water damage or lack of memory. Can you imagine this happening to you - wedding pictures, family vacations, birthdays, baby's first steps and words - ALL GONE IN A FLASH.

It can be a time consuming effort to back up Smartphone data and memories, and not everybody knows how to do it. Many people say their photos, videos and memories are all safe and secure on the "Cloud" - but do you really know exactly where your particular memories and data are stored, and who else can reach them. One lost password, or data breach can lead to your memories disappearing up in the sky.

We introduce to you PhotoGuard - possibly the cheapest and simplest digital organiser on the Market. PhotoGuard is the easiest and fastest way to store all of your smartphone videos, photos and data with no hassle at all.

PhotoGuard is a handy 3-in-1 external USB Flash Drive with a high transfer speed 3.0 USB performance  giving you the easiest way to free up memory on your Smartphone with the ability to transfer photos, video, music, contacts and other data between your Apple iOS device, Android and Tablet straight to your PC and Mac.

PhotoGuard is so simple to use and it supports all major video and music formats so you can stream directly from the PhotoGuard, saving you precious space and time.

PhotoGuard is available in four different colours, and five storage capacity options (8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb).

For iOS (iPhone, iPad)

A window will automatically pop up when you insert PhotoGuard into your iOS device for the first time. This will take you to the App Store to download the FREE App.

PhotoGuard is compatible with iPad and all iPhone models ranging between 5 and the new X range - using the traditional Lightning Cable Charging Port.

The PhotoGuard is not compatible with the new iPad Pro and iPhone 11 because the latest models now use the Type C USB charging cable. However, we do have our alternative model for you, click here for PhotoGuard 2

For Android

You do not need an App for Android devices that use A Micro USB charging cable, you simply use Android's File Manager Function, to copy the files directly to the PhotoGuard.

The Micro USB interface for Android devices can be found in PhotoGuard's hinged traditional USB at the opposite end of the Apple iOS connector.

Micro USB is a non-symmetrical charging cable head - ridged on one side - that can only be inserted one way.

If your Android device uses a Type C USB charging cable (a smooth symmetrical surface charging head that can be inserted either way up) you need our alternative model, click here for PhotoGuard 2

Simply insert the Flash Drive into the Android charging port and away you go.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're committed to selling high–quality products we hope you'll enjoy using, but we also understand, for one reason or another, there may be a time when you'd like to exchange or return something you've bought.

The PhotoGuard is covered by our 30–day money–back guarantee, so just return it to us in the original packaging, and we'll give you a full refund.

Please Note 

When transferring large amounts of data please your smartphone should be fully charged. Please do not remove the PhotoGuard until the data transfer is complete.

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    PhotoGuard - iPhone, iPad & Android Micro USB Data Transfer Drive