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Countess Koscowicz of Hungary commissioned Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe to make what is said to have been the first ever wristwatch in 1868. However, other historians argue the world's first wristwatch was created in 1810 by Abraham-Louis Breguet  - a Prussian watchmaker living in France -  for Caroline Murat the Queen of Naples.

In a Geneva auction held in 2016 a Patek Philippe chronograph wristwatch - made in 1943 - sold at auction for over 11 million US dollars; a world record at the time.

Time has since moved on of course and wooden watches are fast becoming a very popular choice for trend setters, influencers and those that feel at home with nature. Handmade wooden watches provoke much discussion and are now a must have fashion accessory.

Having researched the history of watches over the years Estuary Trading has been unable to establish when, where and whom made the very first wooden watch. Much the same argument can be said about when the first wristwatch was actually made.

Wooden watches represent nature and often made by using recycled or reclaimed wood. However, the use of bamboo is now a very popular choice. We here at Estuary Trading believe the use of bamboo is an ethical and sustainable way of producing wooden watches. Unlike trees, bamboo grows very quickly, and some varieties of bamboo have been recorded as growing as fast as 91 centimetres in a single day.

The Wooden Watsh Store has been sourcing quality handmade wooden watches for some time now. We love the natural look and feel of wooden watches, and because of nature no two watches are exactly the same.

Our favourite brands are Redear and BOBO Bird; and they produce high quality stylish watches at affordable prices, and we have these wooden watch brands available in our collection.

Our men's wooden watch range has been an ongoing success for some time now, so we are announcing today that we have just launched a collection of ladies wooden watches.

Why not take a look at our store to see our full range wooden watches.

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